Ion for Healthcare Companies


Increase brand awareness and capture valuable insights with data-driven engaging content that will establish a solid relationship with your audience.

How the best healthcare institutions are using Ion

Educate and engage patients, personnel, and stakeholders with meaningful content experiences

Scale and simplify content creation while maintaining security and governance

Learn more about your audience’s preferences capturing useful data

A powerful platform to fuel your content

Engage your audience with data-driven relevant content that is helpful, accessible, visual and scalable while maintaining compliance and security.

Content formats for awareness and engagement

Educate about health topics with mini health-assessments, BMI calculators, interactive brochures, portals and much more .

Design and create content effectively at scale

Speed up your turnaround time and be creative with Quick Start templates and responsiveness out of the box. 

Enjoy flexibility and adapt to strict data requirements

Measure every interaction and capture data to optimize and personalize your content while maintaining security and governance.

Integrate with your favorite CRM or marketing automation tool

Case Study

VSP created an interactive solution finder and a savings calculator to help educate customers.

Ready to improve your marketing strategy?

Request your demo today and see how you can start using data-driven interactive content experiences to drive awareness, leads & sales.

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